The Pros and Cons of Infrared Heaters

In our search for safer, more reliable and energy efficient forms of heating our homes, we have come across many new and innovative ideas. While some work better than others at heating your home, they may not be as safe a solution as some others that are available on the market. Or, you could find a safe, reliable source of heat for your home that isn’t as energy efficient as you would like. Is there a heating solution that offers all three: safety, reliability and efficiency?

There is and the solution is infrared heaters. What are infrared heaters? What are the pros and cons of infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters are heaters that create heat in a manner that is similar to the sun in that it produces an invisible light that gets absorbed in the objects around it. This can be your skin, your clothing, or the furniture in your home. Infrared heaters come in a wide range of types and styles and can be powered by either electricity, natural gas or propane. InfraredHeaters.Direct carries a wide range of infrared heaters to choose from and can answer any questions you might have about how you can use infrared heaters in your home or business.

As with any product, there are some pros and cons that you should consider when choosing an infrared heater for your home.

The Pros of Infrared Heaters

They Provide Heat Instantly

Infrared heaters provide heat quickly. Often within seconds of turning them on, you will begin to feel the warmth. This makes them more efficient as well as they are provided the instant heat that other heating solutions don’t offer.

They are Quiet

Infrared heaters don’t use a fan to move warm air around so they operate silently making them the perfect choice in noise sensitive environments.

They are Healthier

Infrared heaters do not reduce the humidity or oxygen levels in a room which could dry out your skin and your sinuses as well as creating static electricity. Infrared heat does not rely on air circulation to heat the space as convection heat does. This means that infrared heating does not still up dust or other particles.

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Infrared heaters are more efficient than conventional heating solutions and because there are no open flames, carbon combustion or toxic-by-products, they are environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance.

The Cons of Infrared Heaters


As with any home or business heating solution, there is a safety factor that could result in burns. With infrared heaters it is possible to limit the surface temperature so that this is not an issue, or we can another low surface temperature infrared heater option. We also recommend mounting the heaters either at picture height or ceiling mounting.

Infrared heaters use less energy, are more cost-effective and are more energy-efficient than traditional heating solutions. To learn more about infrared heating, contact Infrared Heaters Direct today! We think you’ll agree, The Pros and Cons of Infrared Heaters are stacked in favour of the pros.

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