affordable heating in social housing

Recent studies conducted by the government and organisations such as EnergyStar have shown that the rising cost of heating in social housing is causing many people to abandon their homes or risk the event of a fire due to the use of inefficient, and sometimes dangerous, space heaters. There are many factors that contribute to the high cost of heating in social housing, but the deciding factor that is prevalent amongst all social housing projects is a lack of efficient and affordable heating solutions.

Infrared heaters have shown to reduce heating bills and provide a cleaner, safer supply of heat for many home and business owners and it could be the perfect solution for social housing projects. Infrared heat works by heating items in the room, not the air. This heat is then released slowly, and safely, to keep the home more comfortable. Infrared heaters use less energy to keep a room warm and comfortable and this could be an important factor for many people who are having to leave social housing due to the high heating costs.

Why is Affordable Heating in Social Housing So Difficult to Achieve?

So why is social housing so difficult to heat affordably? Many social housing projects were built as inexpensively as possible using cheap materials that could result in poorly ventilated, inadequately insulated homes that can get very cold in the winter. With the high cost of heating these homes, tenants turn to cheaply built portable heaters that are prone to electrical shorts and fires.

To reduce the heating costs of social housing, the homes would either have to be rebuilt with quality materials, or a new, more efficient source of heat would need to be introduced. Many government agencies are currently conducting comprehensive energy audits on these older buildings in hopes to retrofit them with modern heating solutions that will increase efficiency, lower energy bills and possibly even reduce carbon emissions.

Companies like Infrared Heaters Direct offer a wide range of affordable and efficient heating solutions that are more sustainable and much safer than many of the industry alternatives. Infrared heaters can be installed in any room of the house and are easy to use by almost anyone.

The importance of affordable heating in social housing is everyone’s problem as much of the heating costs are covered by tax revenue. Making infrared heating a viable solution for these homes can save everyone money while ensuring that everyone has a warm, safe home in the colder winter months.

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