Power Infrared Heater

Infrared heating can save your business money
HotTop Power Infrared Heater
HotTop Power Infrared Heater
HotTop Power Infrared Heater
Power Infrared Heater Technical Information
RangeHotTop Power Infrared Heater
ConstructionAnodised and Extruded Aluminium
CertificationCE & IP55 Suitable for Outdoor Installation

Power Infrared Heater

A far infrared heater with modern lines, Italian design and EU build quality perfect for an environment characterised by elegance and innovation. We have four different versions available for any outdoor or indoor solution and a set of accessories for any type of installation. Available in an Ebony finish the anodised aluminium body guarantees efficient infrared heating whilst the external finish provides a unique identity and elegance.

Italian designed and manufactured, the heaters give you the performance and build quality that you’d expect and will heat outdoor spaces, conservatories and bathrooms efficiently using far infrared heating technology. These electric wall mounted (or ceiling mounted) heaters are designed so that no visible light is produced.

  • Simple, elegant clean line Italian design with IP55 rating
  • No visible light output
  • Perfect heating for indoor and wind-protected outdoor spaces in a domestic or a commercial environment (e.g. al fresco dining areas)


Wind Protected & Alfresco Heating

Guests want to enjoy a comfortable outdoor ambience, to relax, kick back and enjoy their downtime.

Making your guests comfortable in an outdoor space will increase the amount of time they want to spend there, to enjoy their meal and fine wines. Our heaters provide these comfort levels and will extend the hours that guests want to use the outdoor spaces, additionally the summer season can be extended into spring and autumn.

With no visible light (unlike other patio heaters) our heaters will not interfere with guests enjoyment.


Indoor Spaces

The heaters are perfect for use indoors, whether that be a living room, a bedroom, bathroom or an office space. The elegant lines and manufacture of our heaters will add to your interior design whilst at the same time keeping you comfortably warm.



Power Dimensions Weight
1500W  1100mm x 201mm x 58mm  5.70kg
1800W  1250mm x 201mm x 58mm 6.40kg
2400W  1550mm x 201mm x 58mm 7.80kg
3200W  1950mm x 201mm x 58mm  9.80kg